Proposed Constitution Changes

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Toronto Chapter

*proposed additions and changes are highlighted in Orange.



2. The Toronto Chapter is an authorized chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). This Chapter is pledged to operate within the framework of the by-laws and policies of the parent organization: NAVHDA International.

3. The purpose of this Chapter is to foster, improve, promote, and protect the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America; to conserve game by using well trained, reliable hunting dogs before and after the shot and to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals by discouraging nonselective and uncontrolled breeding which produces unwanted and uncared-for dogs, by such activities as:

· Sponsoring field tests for the versatile breeds recognized by NAVHDA International according to the rules of the Field Test Standards of NAVHDA International.

· Conducting training, clinics, demonstrations and similar activities as an aid to members and other interested persons in realizing the full potential of their versatile hunting dogs.

· Increasing general awareness of the historic heritage and undiminished value of the trained hunting dog as an indispensable companion for the fair pursuit and conservation of game

4. There shall be no competition between dogs. Any mark or grade given to a dog shall not affect any mark or grade given to any other dog. Each dog shall be encourages to compete only against the standards of the organization.

5. NAVHDA, TORONTO, ONTARIO CHAPTER, will be guided by the aims, by-laws, rules and regulations of the constitution to the extent that they are not in conflict or inconsistent with the constitution of the parent NAVHD Association.


1. Regular Membership: Anyone whose application is accepted by the membership committee will, upon paying the required annual fee, become a member of NAVHDA, TORONTO, ONTARIO CHAPTER.

2. Junior Membership: Children, age 17 and younger, of current Chapter Members shall be eligible for membership as part of their parent’s membership dues. Children age 17 and younger whose parents are not members shall be eligible for membership with no chapter dues required. Junior members will have all the rights and privileges of the Regular Membership except for voting privileges and holding office. An active Regular Member must accompany Junior Members on the chapter training grounds at all times; parental consent forms are required for Junior Members to participate in training and test events.

3. Only a member whose dues are current may hold office, may vote or be entitled to other privileges of membership.

4. In order to vote by any means, an individual must be a member in good standing the prior and current year.

5. No member need be present at any meeting in order to vote, but may at times, by mail or by proxy have his/her vote cast for him/her.

6. Any member whose actions may have brought or may bring discredit upon the Association, who has violated its rules, or who has been of unsportsmanlike conduct, may, by a decision of a majority of the full Board of Directors, following a hearing, have his/her membership forthwith cancelled, without a refund of dues.

7. Membership in the Chapter is required to participate in Chapter training and test days. The Chapter may extend the opportunity for a non-member to participate in one (1) training day prior to joining the Chapter to evaluate the benefits of membership.


1. Subject to all resolutions passed by the members at general meetings, the management of the Association shall be carried out by the Board of Directors.

2. The Board of Directors shall consist of FIVE ELECTED OFFICERS. They shall be elected for the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Test Secretary. Also, no more than SIX DIRECTORS shall be APPOINTED for a ONE-YEAR TERM. This shall constitute a full Board.

3. The Officers in order of seniority, shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Test Secretary.

4. Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice-President shall succeed. Should any of the other positions become vacant, the Board may appoint any member to serve as an Officer or Director until the next Annual Meeting or until the conclusion of the original term.

5. The full Board shall hold its first meeting within TWO weeks of its election. The full Board shall continue to meet as often as necessary and at least FOUR times a year.

6. At the request of the President, meetings of the full Board shall be called by the Secretary. At least TWO weeks’ notice must be given. A meeting of the full Board may be held at any given time without notice if a majority of the full Board members agree.

7. Any decision of the full Board shall be decided by a simple majority vote unless otherwise decreed in this constitution. A simple majority of full Board members shall constitute a quorum. Voting may be done either in person, by mail or by proxy.

8. The full Board may, by a TWO-THIRDS vote of all its members, remove from office any of its members who are incapable of working in harmony with others.

9. The Treasurer shall maintain and report on all financial records, receive monies and pay bills, preferably by cheque. A cheque shall require the signature of any one of the following: President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Secretary.


1. The President is the Chief Executive of the Chapter. The President chairs the Executive Council and General Membership meetings and appoints ad hoc committees as required. The President will enforce the regulations and bylaws of the chapter and have the deciding vote in case of a tie. With the advice of the Executive Council the President shall appoint persons to fill vacancies occurring within the Council. The President shall be an ex officio member of all Chapter committees.

2. The Vice President assumes the office of President in the event of a vacancy occurring therein. The Vice President acts for the President during the temporary absence of the President and performs such other duties as may be assigned by the President. The Vice President also acts as the principal liaison officer between the Chapter and NAVHDA International. In the case of vacancy of both the President and Vice-President, a President Pro temp may be elected at a special Chapter meeting.

3. The Treasurer will maintain the financial records of the Chapter, receive and disburse moneys, and prepare financial statements. The Treasurer will take the proper vouchers for disbursements of Chapter funds and will render to the President and Directors at the regular meetings or whenever they may require it, an account of all transactions and of the financial condition of the Chapter. Upon retirement of the Treasurer, she or he will present an itemized accounting statement of Chapter finances to the successor.

4. The Secretary will be responsible for Chapter correspondence, mailings, records and reports, and other administrative business of the Chapter. The Secretary will attend all sessions of the Council and will act as the Clerk thereof and shall record all votes and the minutes of all proceedings in a book kept for that purpose. The Secretary will see that proper notice is given of all special meetings of the Executive Council and of all meetings of the Chapter. Upon retirement, the Secretary shall turn over all papers to the successor.

5. The Test Secretary is responsible for the organization of all field tests given by the Chapter and is responsible for securing all judges for Chapter tests, arranging for their transportation, meals and lodging and for judge development within the Chapter. The test secretary is also responsible for handling test correspondence, test entries, score cards, scheduling apprentice judges, and following NAVHDA International rules and regulations.


1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in the last calendar quarter, at which time, the Treasurer’s and other written reports shall be presented and all other required elections shall be held.

2. Offices shall be elected for a two-year term.

3. Any Officer or Director whose term is up is eligible for election or appointment to a succeeding term.

4. In July, the President shall appoint a Nomination Committee, of which the Past President is a desirable Chairperson. His/her duty shall be to prepare a balanced slate, sufficient in number to fill any coming vacancies. This slate shall be mailed to the general membership at least THREE weeks in advance of the Annual General Meeting. Additional nominations may be made by any member provided that he/she has previously received the written consent of the nominee to run for office and to serve and a petition of at least TEN members in good standing.

5. Prior to the Annual Meeting, the record of the Treasurer and the report he will be submitting to the Annual Meeting shall be audited by any TWO members appointed by the Board of Directors. If they approve the report, they shall, with the Treasurer, co-sign it. If they do not approve it, they shall report the reason to the President.


1. Acting upon either the request of the President or of a majority of the full Board of Directors or a petition signed by TWENTY members, a General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary at any time upon TWENTY-ONE days’ notice.

2. Motions to revise or amend this constitution require at least a TWO WEEK notice of the motion and shall require a TWO-THIRDS majority of the votes cast in order to be adopted.


1. Memberships shall run for a calendar year.

2. Spouse members may vote.

3. A member’s child below the age of 18 shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership except that of voting.

4. New members joining after September 30th shall be registered until December 31st of the following year.

5. Annual dues shall be determined from time to time by a simple majority of the full Board of Directors.

6. Fees for tests and other activities shall be determined by the full Board of Directors.


Section 1: RULES

1. Field Tests conducted by the Chapter will be conducted with prior NAVHDA International sanction and in accordance with the NAVHDA International test rules then pertaining.

2. All tests and training sessions will be conducted in accordance with all local, provincial, and federal laws pertaining to the handling of game, dogs, firearms, and ammunition.

3. The Toronto Chapter will maintain and make readily available to all members a written set of policies governing the procedures, rules and regulations for Chapter events and grounds.

Section 2: AWARDS

Awards for the Natural Ability (NA), and Utility Tests (UT) will be limited to simple awards. Every dog qualifying will receive the same award and no other trophies will be awarded. No monetary awards will be given at any test.

Section 3: ENTRY FEES

Entry fees for field tests sponsored by the Chapter will be established by the Executive Council for each test as well as all other fees for Chapter events.


1. The Chapter is not organized for profit and no part of the net earnings or assets of the Chapter shall inure to the benefit of any private individual.

2. In the event of liquidation or dissolution of the Chapter, the balance of all money and other property received by the Chapter from any source, after payment of all debts and obligations of the Chapter, shall be used or distributed exclusively for purposes within Article 1, Section 3.

3. The recipient organization(s) will be chosen by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

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