Promoting and improving the versatile hunting breeds since 1969.

 The Toronto Chapter is the founding chapter of NAVHDA International.

What is your NAVHDA?

Are you a hunter interested in training your dog to his or her highest potential? NAVHDA has over 85 chapters throughout the US and Canada devoted to helping members train their dogs for upland and waterfowl hunting.

Are you looking to purchase a well bred dog from a reputable breeder with proven performance? NAVHDA’s searchable pedigree and test performance databases help members find the dog that’s right for them.

Are you a versatile hunting dog breeder interested in getting your puppies into the right hands? NAVHDA currently has over 8000 active members who are dedicated hunters and trainers.

Are you interested in evaluating your dog and your training program? NAVHDA sponsors several hundred noncompetitive “tests” each year, where dogs are judged to a set of standards in situations designed to simulate real-world upland and waterfowl hunting scenarios.